linkedin suicide

Linkedin, are you kidding?

Dear Linkedin,

Everytime you make a change, you make a mess.

Probably your intentions are good but you should know well that if you want to improve a service/product you have to add new features to it or make is easier to use.

Instead, anytime you create a new look you’re taking something away.


Everyone is “upset” with the latest changes, and it’s not a question of look and appearance (they will get used to it, as always).

You have taken away many functionalities both to basic and to pro accounts.

Do you really think this is a good idea? Do you really think to know better what we do or don’t need, better than us, your users, without whom you couldn’t exist?


Reducing functionalities for basic accounts is not a great marketing move. But taking away business tools to companies who pay a lot of money to post their jobs on you platform is business suicide!

But there is more, if you limit functionalities for basic accounts, companies who post jobs will have a much lower visibility so they lose once again.


No one is irreplaceable.

If you don’t correct these mistakes very quickly and bring back ALL tools and functionalities, you will make the fortune of others.


One last suggestion, remember these tips for the next time!

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